Data Security

We are delighted that you want to use our mo.ride App. We take the issue of data protection very seriously. We believe that it takes maximum transparency to create the trust for having your data secure in our hands.
Service provider as defined by the German Telemedia Act (TMG) and controller as defined by the German Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG):

motogadget GmbH
Köpenicker Str. 145
10997 Berlin, Germany
Phone: +49 30 69004100

In the following data protection statement, we would like to clarify which data is processed in which form when you download, install and run the mo.ride App, and use the service provided by it.
The subject of our offer and the associated mo.ride App includes vehicle management options. For example, the App can be used to monitor parts subject to wear and operating fluids based on your data and can inform you of any upcoming maintenance or inspection intervals when the vehicle’s mileage is entered. Further details on the App’s functions can be found in the terms of use.
We only process your personal data if you have agreed to it being done or the relevant law authorises data to be processed. In particular, legal authorisation takes effect if processing data is required to provide the service agreed to in the licence agreement.

Downloading mo.ride

When mo.ride is being downloaded, the information required for this is sent to the App Store being used (e.g. iTunes Store or Google Play Store). This generally includes your user name, e-mail address, your account’s customer number, time of download and the individual device codes. We have no influence on this process and the App Store provider is hereby solely responsible for data. Further information can be found in the respective App Store provider’s data protection statement.

Types of Personal Data

It is only possible to secure your data regardless of the end device by registering an account. In this case, we gather, save and process personal data from you. For example, you have the option to store various data and documents about you and your vehicle in the App (vehicle registration document, purchase agreement, vehicle number plate, parts subject to wear, operating fluids, driver’s licence, insurance documentation etc.). Specifying this information is voluntary and can be changed at any time. This data is saved on servers in Germany in encrypted form. We do not have access to this data and cannot decode it. The data is encrypted using a password that only you know. Always use a strong password with 8 or more characters. A strong password also means strong encryption.

To connect your vehicle with the mo.ride App, further hardware is required, e.g. the mo.unit blue. Registering an account is required to use this hardware with the mo.ride App.
Further data regarding your vehicle may be gathered using the hardware mentioned above. Examples of this data are distance travelled, on-board voltage, error codes, fuel capacity, tyre pressure, or similar.

mo.ride can also create a logbook in connection with the hardware. For this, data such as your location data during the journey, the date, the average speed and the weather may be gathered and processed. To determine your position, the locating function must be activated on your smartphone. When activating the locating function, we use the locating service provided by your smartphone’s respective operating service (iOS or Android). For this, GPS data, radio cell information and surrounding Wi-Fi radio networks are determined in your smartphone and sent to the locating service provider from your operating service provider which uses this information to determine the location of your smartphone. mo.ride calls up the locating service and receives the calculations to determine your positions as the result.

Technical data is also sent automatically when mo.ride is in use. Examples of this data are your IP address, the operating system you are using and its version, temporary unambiguous device identifications (e.g. Android ID und IDFA) and the App version. As soon as you stop using mo.ride, this data is anonymised and saved in log files.

Registration and Social Sign In

Some of the App’s functions require registration. Registration is performed using a secure connection. As part of the registration, you can create a user name and a password. For data security reasons, your password should be at least 8 characters long and consist of uppercase and lowercase letters, as well as special characters and numbers.

We also offer the option to register and sign in using your Facebook account.

Registration via Facebook

As a user of Facebook, you can use your Facebook account to sign in and use mo.ride using the “Registration via Facebook” function. Some data is consequently sent to us from your Facebook account. When signing in, Facebook will specify which data this is and ask for your approval. We use the data for your registration. There is no further, permanent connection made between your Facebook account and mo.ride. The purpose and scope of the data gathering, the further processing and use of data by Facebook as well as your rights regarding this and settings for protecting your privacy can be found in Facebook’s notes on privacy.

Analysis Tools

We are always trying to improve mo.ride, which is why we use tracking tools. These tools allow us to acquire information on the speed data or documents can be sent, which mo.ride functions are used particularly frequently and which areas and products our users are particularly interested in. This information helps us to develop the App further and tailor it to your needs to an even better standard. With regard to advertising, market research and designing mo.ride to users’ needs, this allows us to create usage profiles and statistics under pseudonyms. The data associated with this is not brought together with other personal data. You can opt out of having your data used at any time by using the opt-out function listed for each analysis tool or by getting in touch via the contact details given.

We use the following analysis tools:

We use the “” analysis tool, which is provided by Adjust GmbH, Saarbrücker Str. 38a, 10405 Berlin. The tool gathers and uses IP addresses and temporary device identification numbers (IDFA and Android ID). Immediately after data is gathered and before it is used any further, the information is anonymised and/or completely pseudonymised using one-way encryption. It is hereby not possible to track this information back to you. You can opt out of having the aforementioned data gathered and saved at any time by e-mail to

Push Messages

Push messages are notifications that can be displayed on your smartphone’s homescreen or automatically processed in the App. For example, we can send you a message of this kind to inform you about the availability of a new version of mo.ride. To send the push messages, we use the existing service on the operating system installed on your smartphone. Your smartphone is assigned a push reference, which is used to allow you to display push messages on your smartphone.

Data Sent to Third Parties

As a rule, data is only sent to third parties within the scope described in this statement. Your personal data is only sent to external service providers (e.g. dealers and manufacturers of motorcycles and accessories as well as any insurance companies you have selected), if it is required to fulfil the services associated with mo.ride or you have agreed to this previously. All external service providers have been carefully selected and commissioned in writing by us. The data sent to third parties may only be used to fulfil their respective task.

When handing over your vehicle to another user (e.g. selling the vehicle), you can also use mo.ride to transfer the respective data in mo.ride to the new user.

Sharing Content

If your operating system provides a function to share content from the App, this can be called up in our App using the share button so that you can recommend selected content to others. This function can also be used to share content on social networks. Which social networks are available to you for sharing content depends on which social network you are a member of and how you have configured your user account and device. Further information relating to this can be found in each social network’s notes on data protection.

The function for sharing content is run by the operating system. We receive no information on the recipients and the content of their communication.

Data Security

We send data securely using encryptions. For this, we use the Secure Socket Layer (SSL). As a rule, this means unauthorised persons cannot read your data when it is sent on the Internet. We also use technical and organisational security measures to ensure that your personal data is protected from being lost, changed incorrectly or accessed by unauthorised third parties. At our company, only authorised persons have access to your personal data, and only when it is required as part of the aforementioned purposes.

Third-party Websites/Links

mo.ride may contain links to websites and Apps from other providers. If you click on one of these links, we have no influence on what data is gathered and used by these providers. Consequently, we cannot take responsibility for any data gathering and use.


We use the double opt-in process for sending our newsletter, i.e. we will only send you a newsletter by e-mail if you have expressly confirmed to us that we should activate the newsletter service. We will then send a notification e-mail asking you to confirm that you would like to receive our newsletter by clicking on one of the links in the e-mail.
If you would no longer like to receive newsletters from us at a later time, you can opt out at any time. A written notification to the contact details below is sufficient. There is also an opt-out link in every newsletter.

Rights – Information, Reporting, Deleting

You can ask us for information on your data we have saved at any time. Please send a written information request to the following address:

motogadget GmbH
Köpenicker Str. 145
10997 Berlin, Germany

Please send electronic requests by e-mail to
You can have your personal data reported, blocked or deleted at any time if the legal requirements for this are met. To report, please contact us using the aforementioned contact details.
Once you make a claim to have data deleted, or if the data is no longer required for fulfilling the purpose for saving it or if saving is not permitted for any other legal reasons, we will delete your personal data we have saved.